Glenn Rogers

     Glenn Rogers was born in Kentucky and raised in Ohio and California. His family moved to Southern California when he was nine years old, so as far as Glenn is concerned, he grew up in California--in Norwalk and Downey. 

     Glenn has three master's degrees and two doctorates and is Professor of Philosophy and Social Sciences at Iowa Lakes Community College in Estherville, Iowa. 

     Glenn and his wife, Glenda, have traveled extensively. They lived in a small village in Nigeria, West Africa, for two years where Glenn served as a faculty member of a small college. Together, Glenn and Glenda have visited nine different countries, including: Africa, China, England, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Mexico and Canada. 

     Glenn is the author of twenty-six academic books in a number of different disciplines. including: sociology, anthropology, theology, and philosophy.

     Glenn's first successful attempt at writing fiction resulted in the frontier thriller trilogy entitled: The Colemans. The individual titles are: The Reckoning, The Journal, The Knife. More recently, Glenn's focus has been mysteries. He has a three book series entitled, THE IMMORTAL, featuring a part-time philosophy professor, part time crime consultant named Aaron Archer. Aaron is very interested in living a normal life. The problem with that is that he is five thousand five hundred and two years old. The individual titles of the series are: Alabaster, Betrayal, and Carnage. THE IMMORTAL series set in Southern California. Glenn's also has a mystery series that features the very mortal Jake Badger, a private investigator also working in Southern California.

     At present, Glenn is developing a new mystery thriller series entitled, The Scales of Justice.

     Glenn's favorite author's include Lee Child, Robert Crais, and Janet Evanovich. His all time favorite author is Robert Parker. Glenn especially enjoys Parker's Spenser For Hire series.