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Colonel Cabot Found Dead with Coleman’s Knife in Chest

In Glenn Rogers’ The Colemans Book 3 The Knife, Caleb Coleman is arrested in Santa Fe, New Mexico, for the murder of his soon to be father-in-law, Colonel Edmund Cabot. Beth, the Colonel’s daughter and Caleb’s fiancée, is devastated. She believes Caleb to be innocent, as does Zack. But believing Caleb is innocent, even knowing he is, and proving it in a court of law are very different things.

Caleb and Zack had been through a lot since they left Cumberlands almost a year ago. There had been many obstacles to overcome. And the brothers had overcome, and survived and flourished. But they had done it together. Now, with Caleb in jail, soon to be tried for murder, fifteen-year-old Zack must find the real killer and prove his brother’s innocence on his own.

To make matters worse, Zack becomes embroiled in an ongoing conflict between wealthy cattle ranchers in the area and Mexican sheepherders. When Zack intervenes on behalf of a nine-year-old Mexican boy who was being brutalized by a cowhand, Zack has to kill the young cowhand in self-defense. The young man’s hateful father vows to even the score for the death of his son, and Zack has to watch his back. The local constable is useless, neither trying to find the Colonel’s killer nor protecting the sheepherders from the cattle ranchers.

To give himself an edge, Zack contacts President Johnson (who knew their father and was very appreciative of their efforts on behalf of his administration—Book 2 The Journal) and asks to be appointed a Deputy U.S. Marshall. President Johnson agrees and deputizes Zack giving him the authority he needs to investigate the Colonel’s murder and deal with the lawless cattle ranchers.

Before Zack can prove Caleb’s innocence, he will travel from Santa Fe to Philadelphia and back again, a journey that exposes him to realities that he finds nearly incomprehensible.

Rogers, a philosophy professor and history buff, did extensive research in writing all three volumes of The Colemans. But for Rogers, it takes more than action, drama, and historically accurate details to make a good story. The characters in all of Rogers’ novels face moral challenges and ethical questions that require them to think about good and evil and the kind of people they want to be. That is certainly true in The Colemans Book 3 The Knife, which is available from Amazon as a Kindle book or as a paperback or hardback. All of Rogers’ novels are highlighted on his website:

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Dad Was A Spy During The War?

Glenn Rogers’ frontier thriller trilogy continues with The Colemans Book 2 The Journal. In Book 1 The Reckoning, the Coleman brothers learned that their father, Royce Coleman was a famous mountain man. In Book 2 The Journal, they discover that their daddy kept a journal of his days as a mountain man, a journal filled with stories that is a joy for them to read. They also learn that their father was a spy for the Union in the Civil War.

Recuperating from the bloody confrontation with their parents’ killers, Caleb and Zack Coleman are surprised by a young woman bursting into their room claiming to have their father’s journal, a book that contains secrets that powerful people in Washington, D.C. will kill to keep secret.

When the boys learn that it was their father’s intent to have the information in his journal given to honest and just people in Washington, Caleb and Zack decide to see to it that their daddy’s goal is realized. To get the job done, the boys must travel from Colorado to California and then clear back to Washington, D.C., where they are surprised to find that President Johnson knew their father and considered him a trusted friend.

With Emma Langly, the young woman who brought them their daddy’s journal, as their new traveling partner, the boys face an adversary that knew and respected their father, a man who was perhaps their father’s equal and who will kill the sons of Royce Coleman if need be to keep the secrets of the journal secret. Once Caleb and Zack become aware of their deadly opponent, they struggle with the ethics of how to deal with an enemy who intends to kill them if necessary, but who hasn’t moved against them yet.

Rogers, a college professor in a small town in Iowa, believes that a good story should not only be entertaining, but thought provoking. “The best stories,” Rogers says, “make you think about ethical concerns or important issues of one sort or another. The best writers are those who can tell a story that not only entertains but provokes thoughtful consideration.”

When he’s not in class teaching philosophy, Rogers is writing fiction. To write accurately about Royce Coleman’s life as a mountain man, Rogers did extensive research into the lives and adventures of the real mountain men of the 1820s and 30s, reading several of the actual journals the explorers and trappers kept as they opened the American frontier.

The Colemans Book 2 The Journal is available from Amazon as a Kindle book or as a paperback or hardback. All of Rogers’ novels are highlighted on his website:


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Mayor of Los Angeles and Two Philanthropists Murdered in Ten-day Period

In Glenn Rogers’ mystery, THE IMMORTAL Carnage, the third installment of THE IMMORTAL series, the mayor of Los Angeles and two other of the Southern California superrich are murdered: one by rifle shot, one by lethal injection, and one by arrow shot. Along with LAPD Captain, Frank McGarry, Aaron wonders if the murders are simply random events or if they are somehow connected.

As Aaron begins to look into the background of the victims, he discovers that all three grew up together in a small town in Iowa. And then all three are murdered within a ten-day period? Aaron becomes convinced that the killings were not unrelated events, but planned assassinations. But why those three people? At first, as he interviews people in Southern California connected with the victims, there doesn’t seem to be a motive for killing them. Aaron eventually discovers that one of them had plans for a business in Iowa that would generate millions of dollars of income for him and his investors but at the expense of a number of small farmers—farmers in the town where the three of the three victims grew up.

When a fourth victim is killed, the wife of one of the original victims and one of the group of friends who grew up together, Aaron travels to Iowa to discover why four childhood friends were murdered.

Rogers, who grew up in Southern California but now lives in a small town in Iowa, brought both of those contexts together in THE IMMORTAL Carnage. As in all his novels, Rogers creates a rich variety of characters and puts them in difficult circumstances. “I think readers enjoy interesting characters in challenging situations,” Rogers says. “Characters need to be multidimensional and realistic, reacting the way real people react to the joys and difficulties of life.”

THE IMMORTAL Carnage is Rogers’ third mystery in THE IMMORTAL series. It is available through Amazon as a Kindle book or as a paperback or hardback. All of Rogers’ novels are highlighted on his website:


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Three College Co-eds Murdered, Strange Symbols Carved into Their Chests

In Glenn Rogers’ THE IMMORTAL Betrayal, philosophy professor and crime consultant, Dr. Aaron Archer, faces one of his most baffling cases. College girls are being shot with a small caliber gun. Their nude bodies left lying near their cars in their dorm parking lot. Their neatly folded clothes are lying nearby; strange symbols have been carved into their chests. Aaron recognizes the symbols as ancient Sumerian cuneiform letters. It was the alphabet he’d learned as a boy almost fifty-five hundred years ago. The ancient symbols spelled out the word BETRAYAL. Who had the victims betrayed? Or had someone betrayed them?

Aaron soon discovers that all of the victims were members of the same sorority and each had taken a class with one particular professor. He also discovers that grades were being sold for sexual favors. Aaron begins questioning faculty. Then, another girl is killed. This one a student at a community college miles away. This time, the victim was killed at her apartment instead of on campus. Other than that, the crime scene was the same, the word BETRAYAL carved into her chest.

Another woman is killed, a professor is shot, hidden cameras are discovered in the girl’s dorms … but when family issues of the people involved become part of the investigation, things go in a very different direction.

As a college professor, Rogers is familiar with college campuses and the tensions and rivalries that go on, including the stressors that push students to their limits, impacting relationships and generating ethical dilemmas. When asked if  there are professors who trade grades for sexual favors, Rogers said, “The vast majority of college faculty would never engage in such behavior and neither would most students. It does occasionally happen, however, and over the years faculty at different institutions, both large and small, have been reprimanded, fined, and or terminated for trading grades for sex. So unfortunately, the storyline in THE IMMORTAL Betrayal is plausible.

A feature of the story that Rogers enjoys a great deal is Aaron’s immortality. “Imagine the memories a person would have,” Rogers says, “who is fifty-five hundred years old and has lived all over the world. Aaron is a philosophy professor who was a student along with Aristotle in Plato’s Academy. He knew King David and Alexander the Great. He knew the Apostle Paul, Charlemagne, Henry the VIII and many more. He served kings and princes in various capacities and had experiences a mortal person can only imagine. Writing about the experiences Aaron remembers is fun. And then there was the dark time, a thousand year period of Aaron’s life that he would rather forget.”

THE IMMORTAL Betrayal is available on Amazon as a Kindle book or as a paperback or hardback. All of Glenn Rogers’ books are listed on his website:


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Three Religious Leaders Murdered, Bodies Mutilated

In Glenn Rogers’ THE IMMORTAL Alabaster, philosophy professor and crime consultant, Dr. Aaron Archer, is hired by the LAPD to help solve the gruesome murder/mutilation of three religious leaders. In each case, the killer used a drug to immobilize the victims, cut their hearts out and left a small alabaster statue of an odd looking little man in the chest cavity.

“One feature of this story that makes it particularly intriguing,” Rogers explains, “is that Aaron Archer is five thousand five hundred and two years old. Aaron Archer is immortal. He’s not a vampire or supernatural in any way. But when he is killed, which has happened twelve times over the course of his long life, he simply wakes up after a couple of hours. Aaron doesn’t know why he’s immortal. He just is. And because he is, he has to move to some new location in the world every ten or fifteen years to keep his immortality secret.”

Aaron recognizes the little statue as an idol of Ipsis, the ancient Assyrian god of retribution and revenge. But why would someone be killing people the way the priests of Ipsis killed their victims three thousand years ago?

In addition to the investigation, Aaron finds himself in love with a beautiful anthropology professor, Alexis Fairchild. He knows that for there to be any chance of a serious relationship, he must be honest with Alexis, revealing his secret to her. But will she be able to deal with the reality of his immortality?

“One of the things I especially enjoy about writing THE IMMORTAL series,” Rogers says, “is that my detective, Aaron Archer, has personally experienced things the rest of us can only read about. And in the course of each of his investigations, he remembers previous cases that he’s worked on, sometimes a few hundred years ago, sometimes a few thousand years ago. So I get to write about not only the present case he’s investigating, but about mysteries he investigated ages ago. Being something of a history buff, that’s some additional fun for me.”

Rogers, a philosophy professor himself, chose to make his lead character, Aaron Archer, an adjunct philosophy professor and manages to weave a little philosophy into the fabric of the story.

THE IMMORTAL Alabaster, the first book of the series, is available from Amazon in Kindle format as well as paperback and soon a hardback as well. All of Rogers’ novels are highlighted on his website:


Press Releases for Glenn Rogers' Novels

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Does The Mob Have Informants Inside the FBI?

Glenn Rogers’ mystery-thriller, Love and Lies, featuring private investigator, Jake Badger, explores the question of whether or not there could be informants inside the FBI, the nation’s premier law enforcement agency.

While an FBI agent, Jake had been in charge of a sting operation—buying illegal weapons from the syndicate. The sting went bad and Jake’s partner and lover, Elaine, was killed. The official agency position was that the sting was a botched operation. Hurt, angry, and guilt-ridden, Jake left the agency and started cage fighting. After forty-plus fights in two years, all won by knock out, Jake quite fighting when he put an opponent into a six-week long coma. A few months later, less angry but still guilt-ridden, Jake opened his own investigation agency. Two years later, one of Jake’s friends, who knew about the sting operation and how Elaine’s death had impacted Jake, asked him if he had ever discovered who the mole was. Jake realized that he had been so torn up over losing Elaine that he’d never questioned the agency’s interpretation of events. But now, the more he thinks about what happened and how, the more he is convinced that there must have been an informant.

Jake shares his thinking with his best friend, Special Agent in Charge of the Los Angeles office of the FBI, Alex Watson. Alex agrees with Jake, and together the two of them set out to discover who the informant was … or still is.

As the investigation heats up, Jake enlists the help of his friend and fellow investigator, Monica Nolan. Monica is beautiful and just happens to be in love with Jake. But Jake, still hung up on Elaine after four years, can’t even contemplate a relationship with another woman. A former Army MP and very capable investigator, it is Monica who makes the breakthrough, discovering who the informant was. Will knowing who betrayed him give Jake the closure he needs and allow him to move on? Monica can only hope.

“Grief is a difficult concept,” Rogers said. “People grieve in different ways and at different rates, and closure, if it comes, may or may not allow one to ‘move on’ into a new relationship. The intricacies of grief and closure are part of what I wanted to explore in Love and Lies.”

Love and Lies is available from Amazon as a Kindle book or as a paperback or hardback. All of Rogers’ novels are highlighted on his website:


Glenn Rogers

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The Family Secrets of The Rich and Powerful

When June Morrison, CEO of Lindell Industries, asks private investigator, Jake Badger, to find out why her identical twin sister, Jane, walked away from her family, her enormous wealth, and her privileged life thirty years ago, she had no idea that she was putting not only Jake’s life in danger but her own as well, and setting in motion events that would change her life and her company in ways she could not imagine.

Family Secrets is the first book of Glenn Rogers’ new mystery-thriller series featuring private investigator, Jake Badger.

As Jake begins to talk with people at Lindell Industries who had worked with Jane thirty years before, someone within the 120 billion dollar electronics and weapons company, sends people to warn Jake off the case. Undaunted by threats, Jake continues his inquires. As he discovers corporate indiscretions and cover-ups, the situation becomes dangerous, escalating from thugs threatening him, to assassins trying to kill him. A witness is murdered, and even June Morrison becomes a target. Clearly, someone wants the secrets of the past to remain secret.

Discovering who is behind the assassination attempts and what the corporate secrets have to do with Jane's leaving thirty years before takes Jake from the corporate offices of Lindell Industries in Century City, California, to a McDonalds in Falls Church, Virginia, to the campuses of Harvard and Yale Universities, and to the home of a young man in Tempe, Arizona, who cleans swimming pools for a living. What family secrets will Jake uncover as he rummages through the dirty laundry of one of the most powerful families in the country?

Rogers said he created his new mystery-thriller series featuring private investigator, Jake Badger, because he wanted to write a detective who was just a regular guy in contrast to his immortal detective Aaron Archer in his THE IMMORTAL series. However, to say Jake Badger is just a regular guy might be a bit of a stretch. Badger was a Marine sniper who became a successful FBI agent, who, due to an unfortunate development that still haunts him, left the agency to become a cage fighter for two years before becoming a private investigator.

“Why people do the things they do,” Rogers said, “has always fascinated me. One of my degrees is in counseling. When I was counseling people, one of the things we would explore, when it was appropriate, was why they thought they did the things they did. So in Family Secrets, solving the mystery included discovering why Jane did what she did.”

Family Secrets is available from Amazon as a Kindle book or a paperback or hardback. All of Glenn novels are highlighted on his website:


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What Do You Do When You Finally Fall in Love Again and the Woman you Love is Abducted?

In Glenn Rogers’ mystery-thriller, Abducted, featuring private investigator Jake Badger, Jake’s answer to the question, what do you do when the woman you love is abducted, is you go find her.

The woman Jake is in love with is Monica Nolan, a friend who waited patiently for two years for Jake to get over Elaine. The problem Jake has is that he has no idea who has taken Monica or why. Together with his best friend, FBI Special Agent in Charge, Alex Watson, Jake must discover who took Monica and why.

Was Monica taken by someone who held a grudge against her? As a private investigator, she could have made enemies. But she had also been an Army MP. Perhaps someone she’d arrested and testified against in the army had held a grudge. Or was Monica taken in an attempt to get to Jake? He, too, had made enemies as a private investigator and as an FBI agent. The investigation is time-consuming and tedious, but Jake and Alex must consider all the possibilities. But with absolutely no clues, progress is slow. And then a note is delivered. And then another and another. Jake and Alex are being led. But where? And when they get there, what will they find?

“How do people react under pressure?” Rogers asks. “It depends on the how great the pressure is and how strong the person is. The pressure for Jake is as great as it can be. The woman he loves has been taken. How will he react? To find Monica will take all the strength, determination, and self-control he can muster.”

In Abducted, Rogers creates a diverse and challenging cast of characters in a pressure-cooker situation that will test Jake’s metal. As the investigation reveals, there are a number of people who had reason to hate both Monica and Jake. Any one of them could have taken her. Digging deep enough into the past to uncover the identity of the kidnapper will take time. But how much time does Jake have? Can he find Monica in time to save her?

Abducted is available from Amazon as a Kindle book or as a paperback or hardback. All of Rogers’ novels are highlighted on his website:


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 Justice or Revenge? Teens Pursue Their Parent’s Killers in Post-Civil War Frontier

Philosophy Professor, Dr. Glenn Rogers has written a frontier thriller where two young men face unimagined challenges and overwhelming odds as they set out across a war-torn frontier to bring their parents’ killers to justice. The title of Dr. Rogers’ book is: The Colemans Book 1 The Reckoning.

In the Prolog of his thriller, Rogers writes:

Whatever honor may be possible in the seemingly unavoidable conflicts that arise between men of differing ideologies, if indeed there can be any at all, is turned to shame by men who use the conflict to justify brutality and enhance their own personal position.  Such was the case April 14, 1865.  In Washington, D.C., Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.  In the region of Cumberland, Kentucky, a band of renegades dressed as Union soldiers raided several farms, murdering, looting, and burning as they went, setting in motion a chain of events that would forever change the lives of two young men.

The young Coleman brothers face incredible challenges as they leave the hills of Kentucky for the first time in search of their parents’ killers.  Though capable young men, Caleb, seventeen, and Zack, fifteen, could not have anticipated the events that awaited them beyond the friendly hills of the Cumberland.

They also could not have anticipated what they would learn about their father. Knowing him only as an outdoorsman and a Kentucky farmer, they are surprised to learn of his former life as a famous mountain man.  Everywhere they stop, it seems someone knows his name. Over the next few months, the Coleman brothers would learn that there was a side to their father they knew nothing about.  And in coping with the harsh realities of life beyond the hills of Kentucky, in pursuit of a pack of ruthless killers, the brothers also learn a great deal about themselves.

When the brothers finally catch up with the killers, they are seriously outnumbered as they match wits, muscle, and skill with the men who murdered their parents.

The Colemans is not at all a typical “western,” but a thoughtful and thought provoking story about two young men who wrestle with the difference between justice and revenge, and responsibilities and obligations as they struggle to be the men their parents raised them to be.

Rogers, who was born in Kentucky, is a history buff and has always been interested in the time frame in which The Colemans is set. He spent hundreds of hours researching the various aspects of life in 1864 America: the location of towns, bridges, roads, rivers and creeks, distances, weapons, and more, so that his story would historically authentic.

The Colemans Book 1 The Reckoning is available through Amazon as a kindle book, a paperback, or hardback. All of Glenn Rogers’ novels are displayed on his website: