By Doug B. on October 14, 2015

You know you have been reading a good book when your greatest regret is that you just read the last page. That is the Jake Badger series by Glenn Rogers. In “Abducted” Badger has just found love again, only to have that love abducted by a mysterious entity. Don’t forget, the first part of finding a kidnapped person, is discovering who took them. Badger has another great adventure as he follows the clues and rules out the misleading possibilities. If you are looking for gun play and comradery, shadowy bad guys and obvious thugs, damsels in distress and heroes coming to the rescue, you are in the right place! Keep reading!

By Doug B. on October 27, 2015

Three strange murders topped with a mysterious fourth put Aaron Archer on the search for a murderer that even the police aren’t sure is out there. The investigation takes Aaron and Alexis from Los Angeles to Northwest Iowa and points in between with plenty of suspects. Once again, Rogers opens a portal and allows us to view Aaron Archer’s life as we follow his investigation. Who is innocent, and who is guilty? Tag along through the labyrinth that is this case and see if you can determine who did it before Aaron discovers it for himself. I tell you, it’s another great read by Rogers that you won’t want to put down until you're finished.

ByPatricia J. La Vigneon September 17, 2016
Glenn Rogers gives the reader a Mason Dakota mystery combined with his knowledge of life in Nigeria. Using his two years' experience in the African country as a base for his story, the reader follows Mason Dakota, the "tag-along" husband of Dr. Samantha Dakota, who works with Doctors without Borders, wending his way through one situation after another--from the sudden mysterious deaths of chickens and sheep in the local village to the blood smears on certain doors-a message meant to frighten the villagers. There is a criminal on the loose, who, when he doesn't achieve the results he seeks, turns to murdering two of the villagers. Mason constantly ponders the questions--Why? and Who? Throughout the book the reader walks with Mason through the Nigerian villages, and the bush country, seeking to solve the crimes with some help from friendly citizens.Not only does Dr. Rogers keep the reader in suspense until the final few chapters, he provides insight into the simple lifestyle of the Nigerian villagers as well as a bit of history concerning slavery.

Midwest Book Review

A unique blend of historical fantasy and contemporary mystery, "The Immortal: Alabaster" by Glenn Rogers is a deftly crafted, solidly entertaining, and riveting read from beginning to end. Very highly recommended for community library Fantasy/Mystery collections, it should be noted for personal reading lists that "The Immortal: Alabaster" is also available in a paperback edition (9780982837184, $15.00), and in a Kindle format ($2.99).

By Patricia J. La Vigne on July 29, 2015
     Dr. Aaron Archer teaches philosphy at a local university. The unusual thing about him is his age--5,502 years old. Other than having been a student of Plato and a classmate of Aristotle, he appears to be as ordinary a human as everyone else, including his attraction to anthropologist Dr. Alexis Fairchild. The unique quality of his person is, even though he died in battle at age 42, he "resurrected" to continue his life, his physical features never aging. Dr. Archer is THE IMMORTAL.
    Glenn Rogers, in his first person narrative, presents a story of minor climaxes culminating in an unusual and unexpected solution to the crimes against not only the three religious leaders, but the murder of the rabbi's wife, and attempts on the lives of the rabbi's daughter and Alexis. He moves through the events of the story with ease, but holding the reader's attention to the plot slowly building throughout.

By Doug B. on August 18, 2015

Not only a great detective novel, but the guy is a hunk who doesn’t look a day over 4,000! Huh?!? That’s right! Take a great detective story, add the intrigue of having been there over the last few thousand years, mix in some romance and some gunfire, and you have an Aaron Archer must read. Rogers has done it again…forcing me to stay up past my bedtime because I just can’t put down his book! This is the kind of book that I look for, and you won’t want to miss! Now I am looking forward to reading the second book in the series…

By Doug B. on October 14, 2015
Jake Badger, former FBI Agent, finally comes to terms with his past and begins to investigate why one of his sting operations went so terribly wrong. While following the clues helps put him together with some great allies, it also sends him in many different directions in search of the truth. Rogers provides a great read while giving a tip of the fedora to the detective novels of old. Buckle up, because you will find the twists and turns, blind alleys and spotlights that you crave in a great novel that almost turns the pages itself.

Reader Reviews
By Patricia J. La Vigne on July 1, 2015
Jake Badger, former military, former fighter, settles on a career of private investigator. June Morrison, daughter of the founder of Lindell Industries and CEO, wants to solve the mystery of her twin sister's disappearance 30 years ago. Jake agrees to take on the challenge, not even suspecting that attempted assassinations (yes, multiple), cross-country travel, the death of a witness whom he had just interviewed, and a young man, strictly a background character, who finds himself facing a whole new life. The reader experiences the intrigue of mystery as the inner workings of corporate strands in a multi-billion dollar industry begin to unravel throughout the chapters. Not until the end will the reader finally learn who is responsible for secrets held within the family business. The story is fast-paced with short chapters to stimulate the reader's desire to read without stopping. Dialogue is cleverly handled to avoid an overabundance of narration, keeping the reader involved in the story. The story is, as the author describes, a mystery thriller well worth taking the time to read.

By Doug B. on August 3, 2015
What a ride! Rogers tells a story that reminds you of the detective stories of old. Lovable heroes, mysterious villains, and plot twists you don’t see coming. There are also characters you would swear live on your block, confidence and bluster and friendly banter, and of course, just the right mix of murder and mayhem. Rogers has written another page turner that you won’t be able to put down!

By William E Payne on April 29, 2016
Really enjoyed reading this book. It moved along with humor and an interesting plot. Sort of puts me in mind of Robert Parker's kind of novel. Excited to find anew author who can hold my interest to read every word!

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The Journal blazes its own trail in the Western genre
By Michael H. Tidemann on April 20, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Glenn Rogers has again exceled in this second of his three-part Colemans series.
     As Caleb and Zach Coleman embark on a bloody trail of revenge for the murder of their parents, they continue to learn the depth of the legendary heroism of their father, a storied mountain man. At the same time, fame precedes them as the Colemans carve out their own legend in the West shortly after the Civil War. Despite the fact that they are waylaid by their Good Samaritan acts of kindness, or perhaps more likely because of it, they gain respect from not only those they save, but those would rather not see them alive.
     Rogers' meticulous research lends an authentic air to The Journal. He is able to build tremendous tension in his story without gratuitous violence. When the Colemans have to take someone's life, it is not without reason. As a result, the Coleman brothers gain the reader's respect more than many protagonists in the Western genre.

By Doug B. on December 31, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
The Colemans Trilogy is a must read. Caleb and Zach Coleman are on a quest that involves non-stop action and unexpected twists and turns. The characters are real, and the personalities are enjoyable because we have all met someone just like them. This book is already in my library; it should be in yours. Now I am just waiting for it to be made into a movie. Enjoy!

By Doug B. on September 2, 2015

Rogers has done it again. The right amount of mystery with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing. Aaron investigates another challenging murder mystery that doesn’t give up its answers easily, forcing him to delve into the lives of college students on campus and into their private and not-so-private lives in pursuit of the killer. Settle into your favorite reading position, because you won’t want to put this book down. It’s Aaron Archer at his sleuthing best!

Glenn Rogers

By Michael H. Tidemann on June 11, 2016
The Knife, the conclusion to The Colemans trilogy, has more twists and turns than the Monte Carlo auto race. Glenn Rogers has a mastery of not just narrative, but the ability to keep readers on the edge of their seats. When Caleb Coleman is wrongfully arrested for the murder of his fiancé's father, we feel a wrong has been done. But as younger brother Zack seeks the real killer, the wrongs pile up until we hit the surprising conclusion. The last few chapters are absolutely electric.

By Doug B. on December 31, 2015
The Colemans Trilogy is a must read. Caleb and Zach Coleman are on a quest that involves non-stop action and unexpected twists and turns. The characters are real, and the personalities are enjoyable because we have all met someone just like them. This book is already in my library; it should be in yours. Now I am just waiting for it to be made into a movie. Enjoy!

Reader Reviews:
By Doug B. May 2012
     The Colemans Trilogy is a must read. Caleb and Zach Coleman are on a quest that involves non-stop action and unexpected twists and turns. The characters are real, and the personalities are enjoyable because we have all met someone just like them. This book is already in my library; it should be in yours. Now I am just waiting for it to be made into a movie. Enjoy!

By Michael H. Tidemann on September 12, 2015
     If you think the Western is a dead genre, you're totally wrong.
The Colemans Book 1, The Reckoning, gives new life to a genre that's worth reviving. Caleb and Zach Coleman, but boys when their parents are horrendously murdered, embark on a blood-soaked trail of revenge as they follow their parents' killers from their home in Kentucky to Colorado.
     This is not merely a shoot-em-up Western, though. Rogers, a college philosophy professor, weighs in with some very deep philosophical questions including whether revenge and murder are right.
     This is far more than a Western. The book includes philosophy that's highly understood by anyone.
     Beyond that, Rogers' dialogue is spot-on as is his description that makes you feel as though you're riding along with the Colemans.
     Whether you're looking for a great read on a cold winter's night, something for the beach, or something that will entertain yet make you think at the same time, this is the book to read.

By Don in Iowa on May 29, 2012
     Glenn Rogers teaches us so much about life in the 1860's. His knowledge of the history of that era tells us so much more than what we have learned in school. Details like the care of horses, the clothing of that time, the appearance of the interior of the buildings, the routine of army life, the type of rifles and pistols used all give us another dimension to the story. With these details, a simple story becomes a 3-D movie in our head and that movie is in Technicolor, thanks to Glenn Rogers' vivid description.
     But, this novel, more than many of this type, goes one step further - the brothers Coleman wrestle with the ethics of what they must do to survive. They struggle to do what their parents have taught them to do, even though life leads them to many ugly situations. As they "come of age", life for them is no longer simple as it was when their parents were alive. Being on their own, making their own decisions, struggling with adversity is what this book is all about. Their mission is simple but the struggle is immense for the Colemans, and this novel gives us new insight in this time period while reminding us all that life's moral decisions are never easy.